94th N Maple AAU


Our 12U AAU Roster is as follows…

  1. Josiah L. Patrick      - Atkinson
  2. William Casseus    - Barnum Woods
  3. Curtis Mills             - Lawrence Road
  4. Payton Rice            - Atkinson
  5. Kodi Cox               - Covert Avenue
  6. Jahlil Gilmore         - Atkinson 
  7. Brendan Cronin     - Barnum Woods
  8. Isaiah Thomas        - Atkinson
  9. Anthony Wong       - Gotham Avenue
  10. Mark Russo             - Northside
  11. Nathanial Patrick     - John Street
  12. Ryan Brown              - G Jackson
  13. Joshua Woodson     - Walt Whitman


Congratulations to all participants of the 94th N Maple 2018 12U AAU tryouts. After a very tough elimination process the staff and head coach has finalized the final roster that will continue on to the spring/summer events. Players who did not make the roster are encouraged to continue to pursue their passion of basketball by working hard and improving.If you wish to receive specific feedback on your child's performance at our tryouts and what factors were considered in the decision making process you may contact 94th N Maple Director Demetrius Taylor directly.

The 12U Eagles will begin training camp during spring break before they play in their first tournament April 14.