Demetrius "Amaree" Taylor


Founder and Director Demetrius "Amaree" Taylor is a retired Professional Basketball Player who founded 94th N Maple in

January of 2015. His mission was simple and clear; to give each athlete a scope of both the game of basketball and the business of basketball. Since then he has coached, trained, and represented over 1000 athletes including securing scholarships for student athletes for Division I,II and III institutions. Along side he was named The Brooklyn Nets and NBA G Leagues Long Island Nets Head Clinician. After running the division for 3 years, He was appointed the position with The Dallas Mavericks and NBA G Leagues Texas Legends in February of 2019. 

What's 94th N. Maple? I'm glad you asked. Every single day we get up we hustle. We hustle for love, we hustle for life, we hustle for happiness. Can you believe they cut me every year in high-school? Yeah that's right every year and I still made it to college and averaged 23.3 points per game. Tore ligaments in my ankle after college, think that stopped me? Negative. Bounced back and played professional basketball in China.

     But I wanted more, so I sat outside Madison Square Garden with this sign. Why? Because the Knicks wouldn't answer my calls or emails to give me a try out. So there I sat. You see the basketball court is 94 feet made up of maple hardwood. 94th N. Maple. A place where I've lived for 18 plus years. Think about... we all have a 94th.This here is your platform, lets show the world your 94th. It's bigger than basketball...

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