Khalil Mcdonald from Queens New York is the newest addition to the 94th team. McDonald finishing at Division II Queens college, scoring over 1000 points in his college career looks to bring something director Amaree Taylor says not many can bring. " ...yeah khalil is my cousin but he's here because he's able to bring a point of view that I'm not able to. He grew up in the city, was recruited out of highschool, earned a full scholarship, and scored over 1000 points in college. All things I didn't do." Said Taylor to the Maple press Tuesday morning. "...when we were kids khalil could never beat me 1 on 1. The first time he ever beat me was at queens college one night and he was determined to finally win and he did. That kind of attitude is what we need around us to keep us motivated and to still compete at a high level." Khalil also runs his own Training school, "Train with Khalil", which is ran throughout the five boroughs. When we asked if Khalil can still beat him 1 on 1 Taylor says, "(chuckles) No I let him win had to give the grasshopper some confidence. I'm retired now though maybe."