St. Johns alumni Michael Fagan is the newest edition to the 94th team. With a Bachelors in Journalism, Fagan's creative word play and unmatched enthusiasm has landed him the Senior Journalist position with the 94th family. "Iv'e known Amaree since he was this tall linky kid that used to bother the {explicit} out of everybody. He's always been a little brother to me so when he asked me about the position my answer was Hell Yeah." Mike said to the Maple press Wednesday afternoon. When asked Amaree says "Mike always looked out for me since junior high-school, supported my entire basketball career... actually my first pro start was because of mike, he sent me a flyer about an ABA (American Basketball Association) tryout and that's how it really all started." "Mikes Corner" will be premiering on where fans and prospective athletes can check out the lifestyle and stories behind some of Long Island and New York's most competitive, compelling and passionate athletes.