August 28th, 94th N Maple Director Amaree Taylor announced its partnership with NCAA Basketball. "It took a while but we've finally got it done." said Taylor early Monday morning. With the NCAA's strict rules and regulations, The 94th Academy had its work cut out for them especially with the regulations for Mens Division I Basketball. "I kinda got away from the format of the academy and what it represented when I got the Head Clinician job with the Nets...The program that was originally created was created so that the organization could help student athletes and parents understand the process of becoming a collegiate athlete." Each Academy Elect class is recruited by the 94th N Maple recruiting staff in addition with their open registered participants. Within the events each athlete has the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of college coaches and there staff, learn about the opportunities of playing collegiate basketball, and help athletes and parents alike understand and find an academic programs that offer scholarships that best fits each athlete. The 94th N Maple Basketball Academy will be hosting its first NCAA event this fall.